How to combat loneliness and find Love

We can all relate to feeling lonely at one time or another in our lives. There are 1,800,00 people, that’s been recorded, of feeling lonely, in the UK alone.  You either live alone and be alone alone, or you can live in a house full of people and still feel alone.  It’s a feeling of not having anyone care about you and can sometimes even develop into sadness or even depression. It can come from feeling unloved, or literally not having anyone about for you to love and love you back. It can make you feel distant from the world and especially, in these strange times, with the corona virus and quarantine, as it’s making many people feel isolated and lonely. We need to reach out to one another and contact those who may be alone, but at a safe distance! Through telephone, email, face time, texting etc. As we are told… 

“Be devoted to one another in love. Honour one another above yourselves” Romans 12.10 

But if you’re the one feeling lonely, then there are things that you can do to try and overcome this. Here are some things to try… 

During quarantine

1/ Make a phone call- To anyone at all, friends, family- they do, or should care! Or if you don’t have any of these, but think about this honestly whether you do or not, contact your local church, their number should be in the directories, or on their website. Or if you don’t know who they are, a search engine can find them for you. Some local areas, have befriending schemes or charities, again, check online for your nearest one. Just one of these, in the UK, is Linking Lives and can be found at: 

2/ Write a letter- again using the options above. 

3/ Start something new; something you’re interested in, a new hobby- baking, reading, writing, even making things; the NHS and others are in need of scrubs and masks (PPE). again- check online or ring the nearest hospital information department and they can give you any information needed. 

4/ If possible, a pet can also be good company! 

cat- hobbies
Cat/ Crafts


After quarantine;  

1/ Go to church on Sundays and find out what other events they have on. E.g. Small group meetings, coffee morning, events nights 

2/ Go for a walk, chat to new people 

2/ Speak to the neighbors 

3/ Join new clubs/ classes; there are so many available. E.g. Walking clubs, exercise classess, dance, art, photography the list goes on. 

I’m not saying we won’t ever feel alone again, chances are we will, we are human after all!! 

But in those times, we can feel connected and we can feel loved, by our God, who loves us all unconditionally, whether you feel it or not. We can feel His presence at any time we go to Him. He tells us; 

“I love those who love me, and those who seek, find me.”                                                   Proverbs 8:17 

If and when we seek Him, we will find Him, through the power of His Holy Spirit. 

“For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self- discipline.”                                                                                                                                              2 Timothy 1:17 

We can find His comfort, love and peace through scripture, prayer, worship and meditation. 

Read the word, pray continuously, at any time of day and night, sing, listen, praise and be mindful of Him in the silence. 


A prayer for loneliness


I come to you now, I’m alone and you know how I’m feeling and where I am in my life. 

I ask for your friendship, comfort, reassurance, peace and Love. 

I know you give these things to everyone freely when we ask and I thank you for being in my life. 

Please be with me now. 

In Jesus’ name, 



Guest blogger;  Lauren Roskilly 






Published by Lauren Roskilly

Hey! 👋 I'm a mum of two. Became a born again Christian 15 years ago. Just finished a BA HONs in Health and Social care and now studying a diploma in 'Psychology and CBT'. I'm currently writing these blogs and my 1st book, both on the subject of Christianity and improving mental health and well-being.

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